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Google Pluses and Minuses – What Works & What’s Missing with Google+

Google’s latest offering in the social networking arena – Google Plus (Google+) has now been out for over a month. Google Plus has already surpassed 25 million registered users. To put this in perspective, know that Facebook took 3 years to reach this goal!

Google’s failure to effectively launch Google Buzz and Google Wave a few years ago, made this new foray into social networking seem like a monumental task, but it looks like this is one of their best efforts yet. The company may have finally figured out how to do social well, their key mantra being: you don’t have to share your content with everyone. Instead they expect content to be targetted to specific contacts and groups of people.

Below are my thoughts on some of the less obvious features that are awesome and some comments on what might be missing:

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Google Whale Swallows Up Several Nifty Companies

A running list of all the companies acquired by Google in 2010. techkik describes the amount of each acquisition and Google’s rationale behind it.
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A Marketer’s perspective of Google Chrome OS

Everybody is debating the outcome of Google’s launch of its Chrome OS laptop. Will it be successful or will it suffer the same fate as several other failed Google products? Here are a few of my thoughts on whether the Chrome …
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Groupon rejects Google’s hand in marriage and shuns $6 Billion

Google has quietly slipped from being the #1 most visited site in the world to handing Facebook the throne. Twitter isn’t far behind either. Today it is #2 most searched site and Google is panicking. It has already struggled for …
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