Response to Robert Scoble’s post on Angry Birds as the next Identity player

This is a video response to Robert Scoble’s recent blog post on how Angry Birds could be the next major identity player.

What he means is – next time you try to log into Disqus, Seesmic, Quora or even Facebook for that matter, you might just find yourself logging in with your Angry Birds account.

Watch my 4 min video response and let me know if you agree or disagree.

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Creativity and Innovation Go Hand in Hand

What do creativity, music and innovation have in common?

I recently watched a TED talk by researcher and musician Charles Limb, who conducted a bunch of experiments on jazz musicians and rappers – highly creative people – to see if the functional MRI scans of their brain activity was similar. He wanted to try and determine (and tap into) the secrets of the creative mind.

From what I understood, there were 3 startling revelations:

#1: While being creative, a portion of our frontal lobe lights up and becomes hyper active while a large part of it shuts down. This happens to the creative brain so as to shun impulses like rationale, embarrassment, logic etc from interfering with our creative process.

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Value proposition in commercials – favorites of 2010

Big companies spend big money – sometimes outrageous sums of money – on advertising. Fortune 2000 companies, especially those in the B2C and/or CPG space, spend much of it on traditional advertising channels such as TV, radio and newspapers.

The global advertising market equates to a cool $450 billion, with online advertising adding up to just about $50 billion. This means that traditional advertising channels still dominate the world.

After reading a recent Forrester report on how Americans and Canadians now spend as much time on the Internet as they spend watching TV; I did some internet trolling to see how exactly advertising spend is split between online and offline in North America.

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Best Overall User Experiences of 2010 (Top 5 picks)

The perception that User Experience design is simply an enhancement or something to think about down the line is misplaced. User Experience is really about creating products that people want to use and continue to use. Good UX design is not about decoration or graphics and visuals, it is about knowing your customer and being strategic with your product and business.

Having great User Experience is a great way to get control of your audience while satisfying user needs. It all comes down to how much importance you give to user engagement, customer satisfaction and solving process-related problems.

Since we’re coming to year-end, it only seems fitting that I identify and profile my top 5 picks of 2010 for the Best Overall User Experience.


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Google Whale Swallows Up Several Nifty Companies

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Google. I’ve mentioned the giant (err, whale) in 2 of my last 5 posts! (I see a trend developing here). Since I’ve been thinking about them so much, I figured it would only be fitting to have a running list of all the companies they have acquired in 2010. I say “running” list, because the year is not over yet!

In any case, happy holidays everyone, check out the list and feel free to comment if I have missed any acquisitions.

Here we go, Google Acquisitions in 2010:

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A Marketer’s perspective of Google Chrome OS

Google Microsoft AppleEverybody is debating the outcome of Google’s launch of its Chrome OS laptop.

Will it be successful or will it suffer the same fate as several other failed Google products? Here are a few of my thoughts on whether the Chrome OS will make a “viable third choice” in operating systems.

First, Google is touting Chrome OS to be a lightweight operating system. Sure this is great, but at what cost? I see the web-only experience being very limiting to most users. It means you will have to kiss your file system and several other applications goodbye.

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Discover People On Your Commute with Submate!

As the name may suggest, Submate is an application that allows you to discover and connect with new people as well as find fun things to do in your areas, before and after your commute.

Currently launched in New York, Paris, London, Madrid and a few other cities; Submate has been in public beta for the last little while. They are now gearing up to launch a new version of Submate in several urban cities all around the world, including Toronto!

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Groupon rejects Google’s hand in marriage and shuns $6 Billion

Google has quietly slipped from being the #1 most visited site in the world to handing Facebook the throne. Twitter isn’t far behind either. Today it is #2 most searched site and Google is panicking.

It has already struggled for a while to create a major presence in social networking – users are spending more time on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Moreover, pre-emptive search marketing tactics are taking over and Google is afraid its most prized commodity – search – will not be as valuable anymore.

Their other major gap is in local consumer data. Google had hoped to satisfy their hunger for coherent local data by trying to acquire Groupon.

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UX: Can’t Do and Won’t Do Without It

User Experience (UX) has over time become a can’t-live-without component of modern software/ app development. Its growth can partially be attributed to complexity.

When trying to bring a new application to market and popularize it – being able to distil a complex set of functions down into simple parts; to organize, categorize and clearly communicate those functions to the end user – makes for an attractive and enriching experience.

We’ve come to realize that the mobility, ubiquity and socialized nature of many technologies today has changed the definition of what UX means. A shift has occurred from simple usability (efficiency and effectiveness) to actually enhancing the user’s overall experience on a website, platform or application. An experience that takes into account the users feelings, motivations as well as persona and values.

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How Innovation In Tech Has Changed

There are so many successful tech startups around us today. In recent history the likes of Instagram, Kik, Plancast, Angry Birds, Rapportive etc have kicked butt. In not-so-recent history we had apps like Facebook, Twitter, Ning, LinkedIn, iTunes, Flickr etc – now considered ‘platforms’ – take the world by storm.

So the question is: are we going to see any more platforms coming out of the tech startup industry at all?

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