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Value proposition in commercials – favorites of 2010

In the spirit of traditional advertising still having merit and the beginning of another great new year, I have put together my top 3 favourite commercials of 2010. The criteria for this short-list was simple: commercials should have articulated value proposition simply and succinctly while capturing the attention of the intended audience.
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Best Overall User Experiences of 2010 (Top 5 picks)

Having great User Experience is a great way to get control of your audience while satisfying user needs. It all comes down to how much importance you give to user engagement, customer satisfaction and solving process-related problems.

Since we’re coming to year-end, it only seems fitting that I identify and profile my top 5 picks of 2010 for the Best Overall User Experience.
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A Marketer’s perspective of Google Chrome OS

Everybody is debating the outcome of Google’s launch of its Chrome OS laptop. Will it be successful or will it suffer the same fate as several other failed Google products? Here are a few of my thoughts on whether the Chrome …
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Groupon rejects Google’s hand in marriage and shuns $6 Billion

Google has quietly slipped from being the #1 most visited site in the world to handing Facebook the throne. Twitter isn’t far behind either. Today it is #2 most searched site and Google is panicking. It has already struggled for …
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UX: Can’t Do and Won’t Do Without It

User Experience (UX) has over time become a can’t-live-without component of modern software/ app development. Its growth can partially be attributed to complexity. When trying to bring a new application to market and popularize it – being able to distil …
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