“Great execution is the ultimate differentiator”

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by techkik! My name is Amrita. I am passionate about a few things: disruptive ideas, taking new products to market, and working with great teams.

I moonlight with local tech startups, while leading the growth marketing team at Vision Critical, a high-growth SaaS company in Toronto. I also write and speak about various topics such as #growthhacking, #demandgen, #contentmarketing and #DIYfilmmaking.

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A comp-sci grad by training, I landed a marketing job very early in my career and have been in marketing for high-tech companies ever since.

“Positioning is a torturous chaos until it isn’t”

I am most effective at companies that need to position/re-positioning their company for growth, and develop solid go-to-market and lead gen tactics. I also often work with early-stage startups to help develop and refine their product strategy.

In my spare time, my husband and I make awesome independent films focusing on long-form fictional narratives. In fact, we just completed our feature-film project called Statutory Violence 2. Watch the teaser trailer and like our entertainment company’s Facebook page. We’ve also made some contest-winning web videos for Mercedes Canada and edited full-blown documentaries.

If you’d like some help with your startup or MVP, or simply want to discuss theories of reality, or whatever else—drop me a line—I love spontaneous conversation.

My email is: amritamathur (at) me (dot) com with other online profiles listed below. Happy building!


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14 Responses to About

  1. Paul says:

    I enjoy reading your blog, and look forward to seeing where you take it in future articles. Thanks!

  2. Ajit Kini says:

    Amrita, found your thoughts and blog quite interesting. Good Luck!

  3. Shrad Rao says:

    Hey Amrita,

    This is a shoot the sh*! type message. I live in Halifax and am currently working on two (yep, i said two – crazy, i know!) tech startups. The word ‘startup’ is used pretty loosely around here and it is safe to say that only a few people (and i’m being generous :-)) really understand what it takes to make it a reality. I am considering moving both projects to Toronto but I have heard people say that it is not much better. Would you mind connecting with me and giving me your thoughts on your own experiences in the TO entrepreneurial landscape? I would totally appreciate it!


    • amrita says:

      Hey Shrad, thanks for your note. I have a post coming out shortly on the ups and downs in the startup space in Toronto – hopefully that will give you some insight.

      My short answer: you shouldn’t move here simply to be part of the startup world. You should move here if your (future) customers are here and/or if you are looking for talent to help develop or execute on your concept. Those are the only two things that matter at the end of the day.

      We live in a highly connected world and if you have a good product concept (and hopefully design), then you can make magic happen from anywhere. I’d suggest putting in the effort to make some ‘specific’ connections that will help you directly versus taking in all the noise that may exist in a turbulent and budding startup space like Toronto. Hope this helps and please feel free to send me an email anytime.

  4. Shrad Rao says:

    Hi Amrita,

    Totally appreciate your feedback. And it would be a yes to both your points on future customers & talent. Though, I would add that we are struggling here also because most investors fall into the ‘old school’ of thought and practice. I can’t tell you how many blank stares we get when we talk about some pretty prolific 2.0 features :-). So, the investor fit is missing quite significantly. And I say this after almost a year of pounding the pavement. This is despite the fact that we have Mike Grandinetti as the godfather of our project and have signed up some early customers like RBC, Home Depot, Grant Thornton etc.

    Having said that, it is clear that you have an eye for UI/ UX and I think it would be awesome if you would take a look at our design/ experience (keeping in mind the intended audience) and give me your thoughts. I would love to chat on skype and give you a quick brief on the project. My id is shrad.rao. We are a couple of weeks away from having fully realized html pages but perhaps we can start the conv before then.

    Just to give you some context, our project Our Town Earth is an online venue for Persons with Disabilities and health challenges to connect with things that are important to them whether that involves finding a friend, a job or information about a product/ service.


  5. Ian says:

    Hi Amrita,

    Thank you for the follow on Twitter looking forward to learning more about your projects and insights. I have added your blog feed to my google reader to follow your posts.

    I am very impressed by the amazing look and feel of your blog … really well done.


  6. Hi Amrita,

    A first timer to your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it!!
    Hope to be here often and learn…


  7. Jamie K says:

    Hi Amrita, I regularly read Techkik and have come to appreciate your honesty and insight on the latest tech developments. I would urge you to feature more tech startups though – we certainly need the help!

  8. Artur Bialecki says:

    Your blog looks awesome Amrita. Keep it up :)

  9. Karina Turgulova says:

    Love your blog Amrita! Some great insights on valuable topics.
    I’ll make sure to check in more often!

  10. Vivek Nanda says:

    This is my first visit here, and I loved your blog. I actually do the same on my personal blogs but that’s not so organized as your…A lesson to learn :)

    My Best Wishes !!

  11. Rahul kale says:

    Hi Dear Amrita,
    You have such nice Blog and i like you writing skills. I just had a look on all your post though i haven’t read all but I’m quite interested to read all one by one.The way you explained about Marketing, Use of social Networking sites, Technology, Blogging, Online marketing and many things. It will really helpful for all who have interest in it and want to get some knowledge.

    Keep it up and keep post like the way you do.
    Followed your Blog.

    Cheers to you…;-)

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