amrita Reflecting on 2012 and looking forward to the year ahead

Photo cred: Peter Lam

I’ve been holding on to this post for a few weeks now. I had planned to publish this in the first week of Jan, but decided not to, as at the time it just didn’t feel like the right forum. Plus, I didn’t think anybody would care.

But things have changed now. I’ve come to realize that we’re all human, and while there is an expectation from many, even ourselves, to be perfect at all times “public facing”, those who truly win — are those who embrace who they are. They are the ones who are themselves all the time.

And perhaps this is all common knowledge. But it wasn’t to me. I’ve stumbled upon this the hard way. But now that I’m here, I figured, alright time to bare all. So. With nothing to hide, here goes…

Looking back on this year I have much to be proud of and to be grateful for, for it has been a bountiful year.

♣ The firm I work for grew by 30% this year and I feel very good to have contributed to its success. This year alone my team and I launched a new brand, figured out our corporate positioning, updated our product messaging, came up with a fantastic new website, doubled our presence in the media, and made big strides in optimizing our product marketing tactics. It’s been a privilege to work with the talented team at PriceMetrix and although it has been a long road, I know 2013 is going to be bigger and better. Penetrating an adjacent but altogether new market is on the agenda this year (yay!). The exact type of thing I like to work on.

♣ I am also thankful that after over a year of filming, my husband’s movie wrapped shooting this December. We were mildly surprised and oh-so-grateful to have such wonderful friends and friends-of-friends, many of whom came out in hoards to help us with locations, sound, casting, web development and of course moral support.

When you take on the ginormous task of independent filmmaking, you know it is going to be a life-changer. But little did we know that it was literally going to change our life by bringing us closer to many of our friends, family and acquaintances. Some of these amazing people have gone above and beyond our asks and expectations, and for that I want to personally thank each one of them. You know who you are. ♥

Now that we’re in 2013, our goal is to turn this life-changer into a game-changer. We want to show the world (especially Hollywood) that independent film-making on a less than $100,000 dollar budget is not only possible, but equally likely to be embraced by its intended audience without compromising production value.

Photo cred: Rishi Shankardass

The market is ready for something new, the internet is working to our advantage, and disruption is all around us. 

The timing is right. I can feel it in my bones! And I hope that many of you, especially those of you who like thriller/crime/dramas, will offer your ideas, feedback and support to us when the time comes. If you or someone you know might like to be involved in the post-production phase of this film, please drop me a line. We’re always looking to collaborate with bright, talented people.

Once the trailer and website are out (next month), I will be putting my marketing chops to good use! (I’m excited to see how well my skills will transfer from tech-world into film-dom. I pray the universe cuts me some slack.)

♣ Amidst all this filming and intensely busy work schedule, I also had the luxury and pleasure of travelling to some new places this year, notably Iceland, Aruba and Jamaica.

Photo cred: @AmritaMathur on Instagram

Travel has become increasingly important to me. When I was younger, I used to travel because I feared that I might miss out once I’m older. Today, I have slowly transitioned to travelling in order to keep me from trying to control all the little details in my life. I  travel to let go. Life is beautiful, delightful and unexpected and each moment is truly a gift . I never want to take what I have for granted.

So I hope for myself and for all you travellers out there — may wanderlust never leave your side, it is a glorious thing.

♣ This year has also been interesting because I’ve fortuitously bumped into and worked with many talented individuals, some of whom are running some very interesting startups. I would like to cover some of them in greater detail in a future post (once they’re ready to release publicly). In particular, I want to give a special kudos and high-fives to the founders at Quandl and thank them for letting me be a part of their world. They are trying to democratize data in the true sense, and disrupt a billion dollar industry — a huge challenge, but their IP is equipped to tackle it.

More on them in a future post. Plus, if anybody reading this is going to StartupFest’s Elevator Tour in Toronto this January, just holla. I’ll be there, and I’d love to sync up and understand a bit about your technology, market and potentially cover you on techkik!

♣ From the outside my life can sometimes appear a little crazy. I have typically kept very busy, and I know I have a tendency to take on a lot. But one of the things I appreciate about 2013 already is that life has been getting less hectic overall. Some of this is due to self-realization that I cant ‘do everything’, but also because I am finally at a point in my life where I can spend time doing what I love — reading voraciously, learning new skills, exploring new music and film, helping young companies grow and scale, and taking charge of my health.

My focus this year will be on streamlining and building self-awareness. All the successful people I have ever met, whether in business, entertainment or sports, have all had similar stories about facing challenges: they have subjected themselves to merciless self-examination, and essentially reinvented the methods by which they were going to achieve their dreams and goals.

Photo cred: Rishi Shankardass, Trish Feil

With so many new challenges ahead of me, I intend to question every aspect of the approach I use, my methods, biases and deeply held assumptions. I am going to take the time to “think” and not just “do”. I am going to be more strategic in picking what I do “do”. And I am going to take care of myself.

If you have any realizations to share, please do so in comments.

To beets, ginger and self-love.


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5 Responses to Reflecting on 2012 and looking forward to the year ahead

  1. Ian says:

    Great post Amrita, thank you for the linkedin message with the link to it.

    Here is a post from Derek Sivers “Whatever scares you or excites you, go do it”

    One of the most liberating things you can do in life is to face your greatest fear. After you face that fear you feel like you can do anything and there is nothing to hold you back. You also learn a lot about yourself by facing what frightens you head on.

    There is another post I really like from Ben Casnocha “Regrets of the Dying”

    From my perspective who wants to get to the end of their life … look back and think “what if”.

    Stephen Covey 7 habits of highly effective people has a very enlightening prescription about how to live your life. “Begin with the end in mind” proposes that you Imagine yourself in the future at your own funeral where there will be four speakers from different aspects of your life; Family, Community, Business and
    Spiritual life. What would you like these people to say about you?

    Best wishes for you journey.

  2. Ron Baker says:

    Hi Amrita,

    Thank you for the inspiring post, I truly enjoyed learning of your Journey.

    The realization that you can’t do everything resonates with me. Saying “no” is so hard, yet so important to focus and being effective, rather than just being busy. We are defined by the things we don’t do.

    A very wise woman wrote some advice I’ll always remember when you have say “no” to someone. Use this phrase (I have, and it works like a charm): “I’d love to, but I don’t want to.”

    I look forward to reading more from your Journey!

  3. Peter Pham says:

    Hey Amrita, I recently chanced upon your blog and what was the first thing I read? The post about Facebook lacking in focus – which by the way, I totally get – but dont agree with. Then I read your ‘About’ page and this personal post, and was completely blow away.
    If i may say so, you seem like a naturally intuitive and very passionate person, and we need more people like you in tech. Thanks for sharing your story. I wish you all the luck!

    (I’ll drop you a line seperately as I think we know a few people in common).

  4. amrita says:

    Thank you all lovely people!

    Ian, always appreciate your insight. I’ll ping you next time I am in O-Town Ron, very entertaining as usual. I look foward to seeing you in Toronto this summer!

  5. Shrad says:

    Hey Amrita,

    You sprang to mind so I thought I would check out your blog since it is the best way to catch up on the happenings in your life :-). Very glad to see that things are going gangbusters on all fronts! Hit me up if you want to get together for a coffee some time.


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