amrita Response to Robert Scoble’s post on Angry Birds as the next Identity player

This is a video response to Robert Scoble’s recent blog post on how Angry Birds could be the next major identity player.

What he means is – next time you try to log into Disqus, Seesmic, Quora or even Facebook for that matter, you might just find yourself logging in with your Angry Birds account.

Watch my 4 min video response and let me know if you agree or disagree.

Oh by the way, mad props to Kik Messenger in advance. I’ve talked about them a little in this video as well.

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5 Responses to Response to Robert Scoble’s post on Angry Birds as the next Identity player

  1. Nishant Punia says:

    Ha Ha – I can’t believe he said that..! It could get big, but not identity. I mean, c’mon, people have better stuff to be their identity – at least for now. Twitter, linkedin and FB are good ones and are co-existing as they serve dfrnt multitudes.. and poeple are comfortable with them.. Imagine corporate senior or profs or companies broadcasting about their angry bird game profile.. Never ever..Angry Birds – really?

    Kik – great idea but as you said, no one in value chain would allow that. Not even carriers, their voice and text revenue will be affected. I am sure, even Skype would mind that. Big Incumbents will react when they need to, or else Google or someone will buy them and then, we can see some legal battles..!

    • amrita says:

      Kik is going to blow up. They’re alreay at 3 million subs and theres a whole lot more to come. The carriers will have no say in it. Just like carriers have no say in Facebook or Twitter.

  2. Warren Miller says:

    Haha kudos for responding to Scoble with this video! Hey, at least you were safe from being “scobelized” 😉
    I think the comments in his blog post alone prove how far fetched it sounds. I hate when people force their idea upon you. Just because it is feasible does not mean it should be done.

    Good job Am!
    (Love your blog design as well. Its very neat.)

  3. John Tosh says:

    I think Scoble has a point though. He isnt suggestinng AngryBirds will become as big as facebook in the identity game. He is merely pointing out that they will have takers (massive takers) if they were to launch a similar service as Twitter’s OAuth. That is all.

    • amrita says:

      Well, i don’t know if that is ALL that Scoble is insinuating. I looked at a bunch of the comments on his site and it seems as though he really is touting them as the next big identity player. In any case, it is only something that can be validated once it actually happens.

      Thanks for your comment and please continue reading!

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