amrita Personal note: Amrita Missing In Action

Hi folks, I thought I’d post this note here as I’ve had many people ask me why I haven’t posted anything in some time, why they haven’t been able to reach me, get face-time with me etc.

Well the short answer is: I recently started a new job as the Director of Marketing at a local Toronto SaaS solutions company called PriceMetrix, prominent in the wealth management and practice intelligence space.

Jobs come and go, but this one is different. I really think we have an opportunity here to build something amazing and triple our growth in 3 years. Lofty goals? Sure. But I wouldn’t do something that I didn’t think was achievable. 

I’ve also been busy with a couple of startup projects in the Toronto area – helping, advising, and strategizing wherever I can; as well as organising kick-ass LadiesLearningCode workshops. This has taken up all my spare time, and as such I’ve have been a little AWOL over the last few months.

I joined PriceMetrix full-time on May 30th and am still in the process of settling in and learning the market. The good news is, that I’m starting to get a good handle on it! I recently presented the marketing plan for the rest of the year to senior management and it was pretty well-received… but the true test comes when it is execution time. And oh boy, are we getting geared up for that or what!

(We’re hiring an Online Marketing Specialist for my team if anybody is interested. Please spread the word!)

In any case, by September 1st I should be back to normal and in my regular writing/ painting/ eating mode. So thank you everybody for your genuine concern. Everything is great, I am still alive and everything is well.

P.S. – Find me on Google Plus if you’re there. And if anybody needs an invite, use this.

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  1. Thanks for the Ladies Learning Code shout out! :)

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