amrita Discover People On Your Commute with Submate!

As the name may suggest, Submate is an application that allows you to discover and connect with new people as well as find fun things to do in your areas, before and after your commute.

Currently launched in New York, Paris, London, Madrid and a few other cities; Submate has been in public beta for the last little while. They are now gearing up to launch a new version of Submate in several urban cities all around the world, including Toronto!

I recently interviewed Laurent Kretz, the CEO and Co-founder of Submate to talk about the launch as well as how he came up with the idea and what he hopes to achieve with Submate.  You can listen to his 15 min interview embedded below.

Laurent is a cheery ex-New Yorker who currently lives in Paris and has much experience in the startup space. His previous startup was acquired by CabCorner in New York and he also co-organizes Start in Paris – a demo camp for startups in the French tech scene.

Submate already has an iPhone app available on the App Store – it is completely free, so download it now and start discovering people around you! What I like most about Submate is that the puck doesn’t stop at discovering just people. Once you select a route (or several often-travelled routes) you can discover people, places, news as well as cool deals in those areas! Now thats what I call Social Commuting.

You can stay abreast of what Submate is up to by following them on Twitter.

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6 Responses to Discover People On Your Commute with Submate!

  1. rob says:

    Good post. I love the idea… pure social networking with a community of interests.. there’s a soap opera there… and good advertising.


  2. Sanjay says:

    Oh god, not another site to discover nearby people and deals. When will the madness stop? Or rather, when will one of these come along that actually works? Is this the one?

    • amrita says:

      Agreed there are several socializing/ networking tools out there today. But I feel like Submate has been able to provide a limited environment, but linking it to the end user’s commute. This is advantageous as it provides context to the user. Maybe it wont work for Toronto, our subway systems aren’t exactly extensive. But think New York, think Mumbai and Hong Kong! Average travel times there border 90 minutes. Thats a LOT of time to be spending away from home and/or work. And sometimes you wouldn’t mind company on your commute; and in many cases it would help to know the best bar in the neighbourhood with a discount on chicken wings. You know?

  3. Nishant Punia says:

    If this is a hit, it poses a significant threat to iPods and any content companies/websites. Right now, videos/games/books or audios are accompany you in subway which are part of private life. I think, at least in Toronto, it will be really hard to break it. But, in cities like Mumbai, NYC , where people are more social and network oriented, this might play. But have serious doubts over it becoming the next big thing!

    We’ll see!

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